Learn how small and simple shifts in lifestyle and thinking patterns can welcome more abundance

The audio training provides easy-to-follow tips for making your best life attainable. Stop waiting for success, love and purpose to find you—take action and live your best life now!

The free audio training will teach you how to: 

  • Slow down to speed up and succeed
  • Practice self acceptance right now
  • Focus on what matters most
  • Let go of fear and worry
  • Forgive others and yourself
  • Have faith in your abilities
  • Live the life you desire

PLUS, the #1 reason people don't reach their full potential and the "B" word that can make the difference between just getting by and being ultra successful!

About the Author

Dawna is an author of seven books, business owner, entrepreneur, self-made millionaire and motivational speaker. Dawna appears regularly on local and national television. She has appeared on The Today Show, MARTHA, MSNBC, HSN, and morning news programs on all four major networks—NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX. Dawna is a highly sought-after speaker and has performed speaking engagements for an ever-growing list of corporations and non-profits including: Chobani, Disney, American Heart Association, Mass Mutual, Wharton Business School, Women's Entertainent Television, The PGA Tour, Super Bowl Leadership Forum, Susan G. Komen and many more.